My Rambling Mind…

Browsing today, I saw a picture of my family when I was probably about eight years old. Boy was I an ugly child. For some reason, my mother always had me in short funky 60’s hair styles, while my sister was left to longer hair. I don’t know if it was because mother thought we each looked better in the differing styles, to which I beg to differ, or if she simply did not cut my sister’s hair because of her blood curdling screams to anyone who came close to her with a brush.

I’m not sure what that paragraph has to do with anything…just my evening thoughts.

Yesterday, I took the q-tip jar and dropped it on a candle in a shell tin on the bathroom sink. It was a granddaddy long leg. I trapped it between the two…smashing it flat. After my shower, quite frankly, I forgot about it…until tonight. At first, I could not remember why the q-tip jar was on the candle tin, but recalling the monstrous beast, I decided it was high time I disposed of its carcass. Upon lifting the q-tip jar, the growing monster revived itself. I don’t know if I am more upset that the spider lived a whole 24 hours trapped between two deadly boulders, or that the q-tips were jostled out of position when I dropped the jar upon the spider’s revival. I immediately grabbed a tissue to squash it, which inevitably pulled out every last one in the box, thereby wasting precious time, allowing the monstrous spider to escape.

I cannot find the dastardly beast anywhere. I don’t know if I will be visiting that bathroom any time soon…

Poor Sammy…she is trying her best to lounge on my lap. Unfortunately, my lap is taken with my laptop. Rejected, she is pouting from across the room…staring at me with the best dejected look she can muster up. Kitty…I know the feeling…


The game is on. Now…they don’t just play on Sunday’s. We get to see overly sized men in tight pants running around on fake grass chasing a little blown up piece of leather on Monday’s and Thursday’s too! My husband calls me a “fair-weather” fan. I believe I am a true fan. Just because I am bored when the team plays like crap or “my” team is not playing…

But I do enjoy the acrobatics…did you see the guy who made a touchdown with a somersault?? Classic!

I’m not sure what all these thoughts are collectively expressing. Probably nothing. Just like the commercial I just saw where the girl was talking a mile a minute. Obviously, no one was impressed. I know a few people like that. Just a lot of absolutely nothing. I’m sure it’s the same with this blog. We saw a movie last May with the perfect analogy of my blog; I’m so excited, today I have three followers! Which is good because yesterday I had four!

It’s been suggested that I use my blog as my journal. That sounded like a great idea! Until…flashbacks of my childhood ran through my mind…my sister would inevitably find my diary and blab its contents to the whole world. Nope. I don’t journal.

I do write…sometimes. In code. Everyone needs an outlet. I started with poetry. Start somewhere. Roses are red…violets are…you get the gist. Release. Even if no one sees except God…who sees everything whether you like it or not. But if He still accepts you no matter what you write…then write. Just write…


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