…Is Thanksgiving simply forgiveness??

It’s such an irritating holiday. I guess since in most gatherings, the one we want to hang with doesn’t show up, but that one person who will inevitably wreck the day will never leave…hence why Black Friday has crept into Boring Thursday.

And the root of the problem…I mean…holiday?? Forgiveness. Something which very few of us have mastered.

We hear about being thankful…and eyeballs roll when some old aunt or sappy grandma makes that proverbial request for the “wave” and round the room we go with statements of that which we are thankful for this past year. Inevitably, someone always picks my quote first, you know, trying to come up with the biggest “awe” effect, forcing me to instantly come up with something else to avoid the copy-cat syndrome. But how original can anyone be? Yep. We’re all thankful for grandma’s mincemeat pie! (She says with a sarcastic grin!) Hokey-dokey.

But, as Mary-Lou curiously questioned the Grinch, just what is the real meaning?

My prayer…

Forgive me my complacency
Release my life from apathy
To you I come on bended knee
Lord consecrate my soul to thee

Forgive the heart that aches for you
Your mercy left my soul brand new
I lift the heart you cleansed from sin
Restore to me the joy within

I cry, My God, I long for you
Your spirit come as morning dew
Lord cover me with endless grace
I find my strength in your embrace

Forgive me my complacency
Your burning fire embrace in me
In your pure love I will enjoy
Your promised hope and perfect joy


Psalm 139.14



2 thoughts on “…Is Thanksgiving simply forgiveness??

  1. WOW! I can relate.

    This Thanksgiving it was just me and my wife and we loved it because it was so peaceful is our home. The past Thanksgivings Nicole would cook and we would invite our children and their families over. Then we would travel around the city and visit others.

    But not this time. The strange thing about it we didn’t plan it maybe it was because spiritually we were irritated and God knew we need a break. The whole day I ate, watched football then napped. I wasn’t compliance just content..lol



    • Oh that sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! God created celebrations for unity, but as in 1 Kings 19:12, God’s voice is in the whisper. Sometimes we have to be still to be with Him. God has to refresh us before we can refresh others. I pray you are rejuvenated and full of His endless joy! Happy Thankful for Him Day!

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