Scrooged New Year

New Year’s Resolutions…Nope. I don’t think so. Have you ever? Of course we all have. But I’d say about 99.9% of normal folks forget about their “self-promises” by January 3rd. Well, that would be today. Yep, I learned years ago to skip this tradition.

I haven’t written much at all lately. I suppose the holidays could be used as an excuse…but since we are all the dictators of our own time…I really have no excuse. Life happens. Life is chaos. Life is redundant. Life is…life.

July 4th is my very favorite holiday. And why not? It’s the holiday with all the hoop-la and none of the hassle. We get to enjoy lots of food (an ancient favorite!), gatherings with friends (no family drama), and best of all…fireworks! Oh yeah…presents? Nope. Nada. Not a one. Am I a “Scrooge”? I don’t believe so. I love giving gifts, but we live in such an entitlement society that the joy has been sucked right out of charity. **Sigh**

But, then again, I guess I should have at least posted a “Merry Christmas” on my blog. Oh well…maybe that will be my New Year’s Resolution for next Christmas. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Scrooged New Year

  1. LOL!! You are not Scrooge at all! I always skip the “resolutions” thing myself. My “to do” list seems to suffice and keep me occupied and out of too much trouble. I have always found resolutions to be an excuse to keep my eyes focused selfishly on myself. Perhaps if I did have a resolution it would definitely be to NOT consider myself so much.

    Bob and I was late to church today because we saw one of your little calves all alone up along the far east fence by 234. We turned around to make sure the little baby was alright. Bob was very concerned as mother was no were to be seen. Bob looked for Mark at church to tell him. After leaving church we went back to check on baby oreo calf. It was standing up now and looking okay. We saw the cows across the field but mother was quite a distance away. Perhaps baby just wanted to sleep in a bit longer. We hope the little one is okay and nothing was wrong. There is many times I just need some time alone to rest a bit more. LOL! I hope baby calf is okay. Please let us know and we are happy to help in anyway that we can. Love ya!!! Deb


    • That sounds like a resolution we should all adhere to!! 🙂
      Poor little calf…she was with momma when we left for church, but while there, she went to sleep in the brush by the fence and momma left her to go hang with her friends! We should have her arrested for neglect! 😉 Danny actually stopped by and brought her up to the barn when she woke up where momma was waiting to nurse. Since the temps are dropping she needs to be up by the barn anyway. Everything always works out. 🙂 Good reminder that God always takes care of the littlest details!
      Love you bunches Deb!!


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